About Us

About Life’s Calling Sports Mgmt.Pvt Ltd:

Life is not about reaching the finish line, it is about living every stride of the walk. Health and happiness in such a context become synonyms. And hence Life is calling strives at inducing a better lifestyle by creating healthy and happy endeavors.

Life is calling sports offers to create exclusive sporting events for corporates and communities. We offer customized services to manage events end to end to our esteemed clients to enagage their employees, customers and partners.

Sports offers a unique opportunity for businesses for brand building with customers, engage employees and create health awareness with all concerned stakeholders. We are into the business of producing these exclusive events for our customers and communities.

We believe that collective energy is always better than individual energy, the team spirit of sporting events and marathons are incomparable. We at Life is calling are striving at creating an effect from the combined energy of all the participants of such events and induce the feel into the spectator.

Life is calling promotes cycling actively and conducts its annual mountain biking challenge for Bangalore corporates annually.

Life is calling sports also promotes Celebration Run Series currently in Mysore and Mangalore and is reaching other cities such as Bangalore shortly. Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyle, promote fitness with inbuilt entertainment so as to induce large group of people to take up running as a medium for healthy living.

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