Duathlon,Half Marathon & 10K FAQs.
1. Where do I get my Race Packet?
2. Can I have a friend pick up my race packet for me?
3. What is the schedule for the race day?
4.What is the prize money on offer?
5. Can I transfer my registration in favor of other person?
6. What can I expect for temperatures?
7. Where can I store my bags at the start of the race?
8. Is there parking at the starting area?
9. Are there toilets along the course?
10. What are the Aid Stations serving?
11. How is the timing recorded?
12. Is the course closed to traffic?
13. Will there be Medical Assistance?
14. What is available at the Finish?
Duathlon FAQs
1. What is a Duathlon?
2. Is a mountain Bike OK?
3. What are the rules?
4. Can I wear my Ipod?
5. What do I wear?
6. Do I need a support person?
7. What do I do with my bike while running?
8. How does a transition area work?
9. How is a race timed?
10. How do Corporate Team Relay work?
11. How can I speed up my transitions?
12. Other tips :