Madhurjya Borah

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Registered for: 10K

[box title=”Q-1: Life is calling: Tell us a bit about yourself?” centered_title=”true” with_bg=”false”] I am a Triathlete from Assam and I currently live and train in Bangalore. I have been the state champion for Assam consistently for a decade. I am also a national  triathlon champion. Early this year, I secured the silver in the South Asian Triathlon Championship.
[/box] [box title=”Q-2: Life is calling: When did you start running and how has been your journey so far?” centered_title=”true” with_bg=”false”] As an athlete I started running when I was in school. During my school days I participated in short distance running. However, after I got into triathlon  I started long distance running.
[/box] [box title=”Q-3: Life is calling: Which is your favorite distance and running trail you run and what is your PB?” centered_title=”true” with_bg=”false”] I like both 10k (because of Olympic triathlon format) as well as ½ Marathon.My personal best has been 37 for 10k.  and 1:27:26 for ½ Marathon (at Kaveri Trail Marathon 2012)
[/box] [box title=”Q-4: Life is calling: Share us your moments and running incidents through this journey?” centered_title=”true” with_bg=”false”] Every running event is special and  unique to me.. Each event has a lot to offer in terms of understanding your body and mind. And running thus guides my living.
[/box] [box title=”Q-5: Life is calling: What does running mean to you and what is your advice to the beginners and fence sitters?” centered_title=”true” with_bg=”false”] Running is intrinsic to my life and it is my path maker.

You might be in your teenage, 30’s,  40’s or 50+.

My advice to youngsters..If you love running then give your best to it  and you will find the power it can give you back …running has always been associated with power, vigour, vitality and freedom. So lets leave the fear behind and regain our power and freedom!