Huddle Relay,35 Kms,25 Kms,10 Kms & 5 Kms Kids Run

1. Where do I get my Race Packet?
To be updated soon.
2. Can I have a friend pick up my race packet for me?
  • Yes, you can have a friend pick up the race packet for you.
  • The person picking up the race packet for you must bring your registration confirmation email or payment receipt, a copy of your valid Photo ID and a note authorising that person to pick up the race packet on your behalf.
3. What is the schedule for the race day?

To be updated soon

4.What is the prize money on offer?

NO prizes are announced. Winners will be recognized with trophies and certificates.

5. Can I transfer my registration in favor of other person?

Registrations are NOT TRANSFERABLE

6. What can I expect for temperatures?

Normally during this time of the year the temperatures are in 22 – 32 degree Centigrade.

7. Where can I store my bags at the start of the race?

There shall be baggage counter open to store some of your items. Please do not leave behind valuable in the stored bag. Organizer of the race arenot responsible for the loss of any items.

8. Is there parking at the starting area?

There is Parking available near the Venue.

9. Are there toilets along the course?

Washroom facility is available at the venue and route of the run.

10. What are the Aid Stations serving?

Aid station shall be serving water at all station. Some selected station along the route will be serving electrolytes, banana slices and other items.

11. How is the timing recorded?

RFID Timing technology is being used to record the timing. All the categories will be timed events. The RFID Tag will be pasted behind the Running Bib.

12. Is the course closed to traffic?

Yes, for the most part the traffic will be closed during the race.

13. Will there be Medical Assistance?

Yes, there will be medical support provided on the race route and also at Venue. Pain Relief sprays will be provided at all the water stations along the route of the run. Physio support will also be available at the venue post the run.

14. What is available at the Finish?

There will be finisher medals being given to the participants of all the categories. Breakfast will be served followed by Award ceremony for the winners of various categories.

15. Is there cause of the event?

Will be planned soon.

16. Who can form a corporate team and how is the winner decided?

Four individuals working for the same organization can form a corporate team. The sum total of the four individual time is computed to decide the winners in their respective categories.

17. How does a Open Team (Mixed) work in Corporate Relay?

Any 4 Individuals can come together to form the team, where a Minimum of 1 participant should be a Male or Female Runner. The runners can be family members, friends, running group members or any 4 individuals can come together to form a relay team. The minimum age should be 11 years.